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MLBD #3: The Power Of Your Peer Group

MLBD Episode 3: Peer Group

Are you a product of your environment?  A toxic environment is not a healthy place to live.  Take a quick inventory.  Who do you spend most of your time with?  Who are you communicating with on Facebook or Instagram?  Write down these names. 

Are all of these relationships serving you? Do these people have the same values?  If not, it may be time to make some changes.  The truth of the matter is that you simply cannot afford to spend time with those who doubt your mission or live in an environment that doesn’t serve your goals.  In actuality, you should aim to place yourself in an environment of those who are disciplined and may even be further along or more successful than you.  This will serve as a great source of wisdom, inspiration, and motivation.

When we shift who we choose to spend our time with, it often means that some connections will loosen.  Sometimes you may simply outgrow friends.  Remember that there is nothing wrong with this, as it is simply a part of life.  Some friends may not be growing at the same rate as you.  You’re not leaving your friends; they are choosing not to come with you on this journey.  Sometimes people come into your life for a reason, season, journey, or a lifetime.  Though sad, think about the alternative.  What if staying linked in their network kept you from your destiny?

Remember, who you spend time with is who you become.  Where do you want to go in your life?  Find the people who are already there and discover ways to spend time with them.  Perhaps this is through joining a networking event, attending events, or participating in a mastermind group.  

Take a few moments and Identify a few people that you would like to associate with.  Circle the top two names on your list and write down a date that you’re committed to connecting with them.  This is the first important step in becoming a product of the environment that you want to join.  


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MLBD #2: The 5 Pillars of Master Life By Design

MLBD Episode 2: The 5 Pillars 

What is Master Life By Design?  After all, success is subjective.  To master your life by design, you must think about the ultimate vision of your life.  What does your ultimate day look like?  Once you find clarity about what you want to achieve, write it down and post it in the Master Life By Design Facebook group.  We want to celebrate you and hold you accountable.  There is power and wisdom in community.  Once you know what you are trying to achieve, you can create a step-by-step action plan to get you there.  It is possible! 

So, how do we create our life by design?  By perfecting the five pillars, you can strive to achieve the ultimate vision of what your life should be.

  1. Health – This is the foundation.  Without good health, we have nothing.  What is the fuel that you are putting in your body?  We’ll be sharing different tools and special guests, presenting a variety of approaches and perspectives.
  2. Emotions – How you feel day to day affects you and those around you.  It is possible for you to live in positive states of emotion every day.  Strive to become an emotionally rich person through applying the tools that we will share.  
  3. Finances – Financial struggles can make you miserable, as you may feel as though you don’t have the means to experience all that life has to offer.  We will provide strategies and expertise to help you save, give back, and create the lifestyle you desire. 
  4. Relationships – This refers to both intimate and platonic relationships.  Thriving relationships in both areas will set you up for success.  If this is what you seek, we’ll provide tips to help you find your King or Queen or grow your network. 
  5. Lifestyle – Ultimately, you must get clear about the life that you want to live. Decide who you want to be and what you want to experience.  We will provide you with strategies to define and obtain your ideal lifestyle.

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MLBD #1: Introduction

MLBD Episode 1: Introduction

Welcome to the Master Life By Design Podcast! We’re Joe and Christina Moffett and we’re so happy you’ve decided to join us.  We know what it’s like to feel like you can’t break free, like you were meant for something more.  If you’re feeling stuck and want a change, you’ve come to the right place.  Through this podcast, we’ll be sharing the tips, tools, and strategies that we’ve used to Master Life By Design.


After graduating high school, I joined the United States Marine Corps and was transferred to Japan and later San Diego, California.  During my time in the Marines, I travelled the world, experienced amazing cultures, and met many wonderful people.  After returning home from a tour in Iraq, I found myself at a decision point and decided to take my chances outside of the military.  I began as a personal trainer, started my own business, and was introduced to network marketing.  Through network marketing, I met incredible mentors and coauthored a best-selling book entitled Defining Moments of Courage.  I was birthed into the world of personal development and became inspired and excited by the wisdom and messages of influential figures like Tony Robbins.  Today, I’m a full-time coach who works with clients around the world.


I always knew I was meant for something greater in my life, but I struggled with bullying and low self-esteem in my younger years.  I always found myself searching for fame, which often led down a dark path.  I started hanging out with the wrong crowd, gave into peer pressure, and my life became destructive.  I was a victim of the negative thoughts in my mind and was constantly trapped in negative states of emotion.  I began doing drugs and eventually hit rock bottom.  I didn’t love myself, was making bad choices, and sought love and fame in all the wrong places.  After a life-changing meeting with a psychic, I changed my path and became obsessed with self-development.  I rebuilt my identity and started attending seminars like Tony Robbins’s Date With Destiny.  I left that event as a totally new person.  I am now someone who is inspired to help people overcome their fears and limiting beliefs.  I see the highest and greatest potential in others and aim to serve as a source of inspiration for others to live the life they’re destined to live.


To Master Life By Design is to align the five MLBD Pillars so you have the ultimate experience in your life.  The five pillars include:

  1. Health
  2. Emotions
  3. Finances
  4. Relationships
  5. Lifestyle

There is something great within you.  You have the ability to unlock this potential.  Have a question you want us to answer on a future podcast?  Send us a message at or reach out on YouTubeFacebook, or Instagram.

If you’re ready to step up and master your life by design, we are also taking on private clients and would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

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