MLBD #2: The 5 Pillars of Master Life By Design

MLBD Episode 2: The 5 Pillars 

What is Master Life By Design?  After all, success is subjective.  To master your life by design, you must think about the ultimate vision of your life.  What does your ultimate day look like?  Once you find clarity about what you want to achieve, write it down and post it in the Master Life By Design Facebook group.  We want to celebrate you and hold you accountable.  There is power and wisdom in community.  Once you know what you are trying to achieve, you can create a step-by-step action plan to get you there.  It is possible! 

So, how do we create our life by design?  By perfecting the five pillars, you can strive to achieve the ultimate vision of what your life should be.

  1. Health – This is the foundation.  Without good health, we have nothing.  What is the fuel that you are putting in your body?  We’ll be sharing different tools and special guests, presenting a variety of approaches and perspectives.
  2. Emotions – How you feel day to day affects you and those around you.  It is possible for you to live in positive states of emotion every day.  Strive to become an emotionally rich person through applying the tools that we will share.  
  3. Finances – Financial struggles can make you miserable, as you may feel as though you don’t have the means to experience all that life has to offer.  We will provide strategies and expertise to help you save, give back, and create the lifestyle you desire. 
  4. Relationships – This refers to both intimate and platonic relationships.  Thriving relationships in both areas will set you up for success.  If this is what you seek, we’ll provide tips to help you find your King or Queen or grow your network. 
  5. Lifestyle – Ultimately, you must get clear about the life that you want to live. Decide who you want to be and what you want to experience.  We will provide you with strategies to define and obtain your ideal lifestyle.

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