MLBD #8: Make The Jump

Have you seen this video by Steve Harvey about “making the jump?” If not, check it out!

This video perfectly sums up how it feels to know that you want more out of life—that there’s something else out there for you. When you’re on the precipice of a decision, do you stay where it’s comfortable or do you make the jump to chase your dreams? Sometimes the only way to find out is to actually make the jump.

We are all made with some special purpose within us. If you haven’t found it yet, it will be revealed if you seek it. You have a responsibility to determine what your special gift is. Something is calling your heart. What are you being called to do?

When you discover what your gift is, you can give it back to people in this world. This doesn’t have to be achieved through your day job. This can be a hobby that you love to do. Try this exercise: set a timer for three minutes and ask yourself the question, “What do I love?” During that three minutes, write out all that you love to do. Then look back at your list and take time every day to do something that you love.

If you feel that what you love to do can serve as your primary source of income and/or could potentially replace your 9 to 5, you may be considering “making the jump.” You may be holding back due to fear. Many who don’t make the jump feel the need to be prepared with education before starting. Though education has its importance, your heart is what will pull you through the challenging times.

You know what you need to do. You may need a little more strength and guidance. If you feel the calling in your heart, trust it and make the jump. Your parachute may not open right away, but you are determined and resilient enough to achieve your goals. Don’t settle for average. You deserve more and you are worth it.


Write down what challenges you would encounter if you made the jump. Then, write down what would happen if you made the jump. Who would you become? How would you feel? How much gratitude would you have? Write everything down that you would have as a result of having the jump.

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