MLBD #7: Your Words Create Your Reality

The words we use are so powerful that they even have the ability to create our reality.

Words we speak cause different biochemicals to be released in our brains, which can impact the way you feel and emotions that you experience. How we feel emotionally will cause us to take action or inaction, which creates real results in our lives, both positive and negative.

This can become a real problem when people experience negative self-talk, both verbally and within their minds.

Instead, when we want to create or manifesting something, we want to create the emotion that that desired outcome will give us. Use your words to do this. Tell yourself before bed that you are going to have a great day tomorrow. You will wake up tomorrow feeling recharged, rested, and ready to take on the day. Use these affirmations to redefine your reality.

You are never not prophesizing over your life. The words you use are constantly being planted in the universe. Remember to use words that are compelling, emotional, and that resonate with you.

If you want to make changes in your life, start to tell a new story. Speak it or write it down—either way, you are paving the path to your new future. Eventually, you will be living in your new story. This technique is the exact method Christina used to change her reality.

Speak using terms of abundance. For example, the word “try” allows us to play small and justifies our ability to not follow through. Hold yourself to a higher standard and remove that safety net.

Check in with yourself throughout the day to verify your self-talk. Are you speaking in terms of abundance and positivity or are you speaking from negativity and scarcity?

You can have everything that you desire in your life. You have the ability to be who you want and accomplish your goals. Simply fine-tune the words you use, take consistent action, and watch your new reality unfold.


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