MLBD #4: SEX: Say “YES” To Your Partner!

When determining what you want in an ideal partner, it’s so important to get clear on what you desire in the sexual/intimate experience.  After all, this intimacy brings a couple closer together.  There is much power in saying “yes” to your partner’s desire for intimacy.

So, why is it so important to say yes to your partner?

First, saying yes to your partner’s desire for sex provides certainty.  Certainty should be the number one need fulfilled in an intimate relationship.  At home is the primary place where certainty should be fulfilled.  If it is given, it will not be sought elsewhere.

Just imagine if you constantly said “no” to your partner’s desire.  Imagine these no’s stacking over time.  This puts your partner in a vulnerable position.  Soon that partner will become conditioned to the idea that they will always hear “no” if they ask, and eventually, they may stop asking.  This can lead to seeking sexual or emotional fulfillment outside of the relationship, whether it be in the form of attention from another person or with pornography.

If you find yourself hesitating to say “yes” to your partner’s desires, check in and see where your focus is.  What you’re focused on is what you’re going to feel.  Instead of focusing on the reasons to say “no,” focus on how much you love your partner and how great the experience will be.  This will help to shift your view.

Saying “yes” to your partner’s desire is just one piece that builds the lasting bond and trust between you as a couple. Each one of you deserves to be in a happy, loving, and passionate relationship.  Know your partner’s love language and consciously speak it every day.  Know and ask your partner what turns them on.  Keep open communication and continue to give to each other.


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