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PRESENCE – Women Want It All

We Had A BREAKTHROUGH…She Felt UNDERSTOOD!!! Men, The Power Of Presence, This Is A Powerful Lesson For Us All….

All women want to feel understood and heard. They also require a man’s presence in their life. Many men forget this or do not even know this about a woman. Men are wired naturally to FIX things and we have a desire to come up with a solution when a woman express a problem or how they feel. Women do not always want things fixed. Sure they want the toilet fixed or the dryer working again but when it comes to them expressing, that’s another set of rules for the game.

I have to often catch myself from following my desire to fix my Queens problem to just listening and being present. Here’re 3 simple steps that I take to help be present with my Queen:

1. I stop everything I am doing and focus on her.

2. I listen and understand where she is coming from as if I was the one in that situation.

3. Lastly, I wait till she’s done and I ask her if she would like any solution or just wanted me to listen.

Often, I have to repeat in my head: “Just listen to her and don’t say anything.” This really helps me from trying to dive in and solve her problem when she really just wants to express herself. It’s like a guy saying he would like to make more money and everyone comes up to him giving him a million opportunities. He may have been stating he wanted more money but not necessarily asking for opportunities.

Check out the video above and share it if you believe it would benefit you. Beware- this is a raw video we made to help in the moment….tears of joy were present initially. Enjoy and make today count!

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The Power of Decision!

As Tony Robbins says: “Its our decisions, not our conditions that ultimately shape the quality of our lives.” The biggest distinction that I had to learn was that our decisions shape our destiny! It could come from the decision to ry a drug for the first time that could send us down the path of a horrible addiction or the decision to invest in a particular strategy or stock that could alter your financial destiny forever. Most people believe that making a decision takes time but really its just you preparing to the point of making that decision. A decision is that moment that you draw the line in the sand and take immediate action. What decision have you been desiring to make but just been preparing? Write that down. Now, are you ready to make a real decision? Not a one out of hype but out of pure threshold that you will no longer settle for the comfort of this space. If you said yes, what Id like you to do now is write down 3 things that you can do to take action? Now set them in priority. Star the one you must do first. Now that you did that the last thing I want you to do is write down WHY this is important for you to take action on your new empowering decision. Make it juice, compelling…so that when times are challenging you have something to pull you through. I look forward to hearing about your success. Please comment below what your decision was and the action you took. Make today count!

Who Are You?

Who are you? When I ask this question to many people they usually tell me things like their name, what they do for a living, or their position. That is a very superficial answer with no real depth into who they truly are. Most people don’t know who they really are. Don’t worry, I responded the same way over the years so I am in the same boat. What I didn’t know was that I was much more then those things. I started to get around mentors/coaches, went to seminars and ingest personal development content and thats where I started to discover who I was. I found out that I was love, I cared for people, had a drive to transform peoples lives, I was ambitious, motivated, determined, driven, passionate, playful, fun, full of energy, respectful and so much more. I never really looked at myself through those lenses. As soon as I started to see myself differently (a shift in Identity), thats when my world started to transform. When I work with clients, we discover who they are and then who they really are. Thats where the transformation process begins. So, are you ready to transform? This coaching moment here can be a game changer for you. I would like you to make a list of 10 qualities about yourself and none of them can be achievements in your life. Have fun with this. Go out and really discover who you truly are. When you completed this, I would love to hear who you truly are. Comment below with your distinctions. Make today count!