I started working with Coach Joe Moffett almost a half year ago. After being a coach myself, I had some pretty lofty expectations as to the results of the relationship going into it. I threw some pretty intense goals at him right away – sell my real estate team and relocate to one of America’s most competitive markets to rebuild it successfully and lead a high school football team to the city championship, If that wasn’t enough, Joe encouraged me to dig deeper, go bigger, and as a result – we added two more, much more important, goals to our agenda for the coaching – recover emotionally from a past relationship that was crippling me from enjoying future ones, and finally put the axe to a decade-long addiction. With Joe’s help, I sold my team for top dollar, built enough income to sustain the market change, and have positioned my new business with momentum and focus. Joe’s leadership accompanied me as I played a role in leading the football team to the city championship as well. But most of all, I’ve tackled my emotions and addiction head on with greater success than I could’ve ever imagined. Now I truly enjoy my romantic life and a life of sobriety. Joe’s knowledge and ability to communicate and create accountability around my challenges with specific exercises, mindset shifting conversations, and a coach-client relationship with immense trust, proved to be an even greater gift of coaching than I could’ve hoped for. Thank you Joe.