Client Leaves Corporate America For The Last Time After Doubling His Business!

Client Went From Broke And Lost To A Global Coach And Speaker Sharing The Stages With Legends! 

I started working with Coach Joe Moffett almost a half year ago. After being a coach myself, I had some pretty lofty expectations as to the results of the relationship going into it. I threw some pretty intense goals at him right away – sell my real estate team and relocate to one of America’s most competitive markets to rebuild it successfully and lead a high school football team to the city championship,  If that wasn’t enough, Joe encouraged me to dig deeper, go bigger, and as a result – we added two more, much more important, goals to our agenda for the coaching – recover emotionally from a past relationship that was crippling me from enjoying future ones, and finally put the axe to a decade-long addiction.

With Joe’s help, I sold my team for top dollar, built enough income to sustain the market change, and have positioned my new business with momentum and focus. Joe’s leadership accompanied me as I played a role in leading the football team to the city championship as well. But most of all, I’ve tackled my emotions and addiction head on with greater success than I could’ve ever imagined. Now I truly enjoy my romantic life and a life of sobriety.

Joe’s knowledge and ability to communicate and create accountability around my challenges with specific exercises, mindset shifting conversations, and a coach-client relationship with immense trust, proved to be an even greater gift of coaching than I could’ve hoped for.

Thank you Joe.

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I intend this reference to express my positive experience with my life coach – Joe Moffett.

Before I started my 12 month program with Coaching, I had done some previous coaching with another firm. After that course I went without a coach for nearly 2 years and although business was going good and my personal goals where being met, I felt overwhelmed and unfulfilled with life. I felt at a loss with what was causing these emotions but knew I had to invest in order to find the answers.

Within the first week of working with Joe I had a huge shift, although the process isn’t instant. These shifts come with discipline and commitment and the right team around and that’s where Joe comes into it.

Having an expert like Joe available with advice and systems to assist is something that I cannot put a price on. There is nothing more important to me than living a life with fulfilled in all areas, and in order to live this balanced life we need to dig deep and work through all areas of life.

Joe encouraged me to focus on myself and to never underestimate my ability, he encouraged me to think even bigger and to live life with balance and passion. All areas of my life have dramatically improved and I owe a great deal of gratitude to Joe for his input and commitment.

I have no problem in recommending Joe further to any of my family or friends, and I truly believe in order to achieve greatness you must invest in a coach/mentor to assist in your growth. It is obvious that Joe is extremely gifted in his field and I am excited to follow his progress throughout life!

Thank-you Joe!!!”


Dan W.

New Zealand