Over the last decade, Joe & Christina have been able to transform thousands of lives in many different ways. Joe & Christina have been speaking on stage for the last 9 years and will have done close to 6,000 one on one coaching sessions to help people break through what’s holding them back. The first and most important question that needs to be answered is  “What do I want?”  If you really want it, you can have it!  We help with the “How.”

You’ve accomplished a lot, worked hard, and experienced many of the ups and downs of life, but you want something more, something better.  

Once a goal or vision has been defined, all goals can be broken down into manageable parts.  We help provide the tools for you to clarify what is missing in your life, define what would make it ideal, and purposefully and intentionally accomplish those objectives.  If we are left to our own devices and in the midst of a continually fast paced culture, we often feel that we don’t have enough time, energy, direction or help, to do what we really want.  We continually put off working on ourselves and our goals, telling ourselves that we will get to it someday, or will start tomorrow.

The good news is that the energy to accomplish your goals already resides within you and we can help to tap into that potential, to help you mindfully create the life you want.

5 Pillars of Mastering Life By Design:

  • Health
  • Emotions
  • Financial
  • Relationships
  • Lifestyle

Do you ever feel like you have tried everything under the sun to grow your business and nothing has worked? From books and seminars to online programs and business gurus, you just can’t seem to crack the code? MLBDs coaching programs will give you proven strategies that are used by multi-billion dollar companies along with roadmaps that will get you to your destination and grow your business fast.

Coaching Details

Do you ever feel like you have tried everything under the sun to grow your business and nothing has worked?  From books and seminars to online programs and business gurus, you just can’t seem to crack the code?

Master Life By Design coaching programs will give you:

  1. Proven strategies that work that are used by millions of people around the world
  2. A roadmap that will get you to your destination and grow your future/business fast
  3. How to get more loyal clients that will never leave you
  4. How to master your health, emotions, finances, relationships, and lifestyle
  5. How to increase your revenues and profits

And much more!

You’ll also get access to all of Master Life By Design online programs, resources, and masterminds.  You’ll also get thousands of dollars worth of priceless information to give you the confidence to grow your life, and your business- increase revenues and create raving fan clients.

One-on-One Coaching

  • (3) 30 Minute sessions per month
  • Unlimited Email Access
  • Tools and resources to implement in your business
  • Customized life/business map
  • Best practices in health, marketing, emotions, finances, and more
  • Accountability

Group Coaching – 8 Week Quick Start

  • Implementation of the 5 pillars to a successful life
  • (2) One hour group session per month
  • Limited email access
  • Tools and resources to implement in your business
  • Roadmap of goals and metrics for your business
  • Best practices in sales, marketing, customer service, hiring, finances, and more
  • Accountability

“I started working with Coach Joe Moffett almost a half year ago. After being a coach myself, I had some pretty lofty expectations as to the results of the relationship going into it. I threw some pretty intense goals at him right away – sell my real estate team and relocate to one of America’s most competitive markets to rebuild it successfully and lead a high school football team to the city championship,  If that wasn’t enough, Joe encouraged me to dig deeper, go bigger, and as a result – we added two more, much more important, goals to our agenda for the coaching – recover emotionally from a past relationship that was crippling me from enjoying future ones, and finally put the axe to a decade-long addiction.

With Joe’s help, I sold my team for top dollar, built enough income to sustain the market change, and have positioned my new business with momentum and focus. Joe’s leadership accompanied me as I played a role in leading the football team to the city championship as well. But most of all, I’ve tackled my emotions and addiction head on with greater success than I could’ve ever imagined. Now I truly enjoy my romantic life and a life of sobriety.

Joe’s knowledge and ability to communicate and create accountability around my challenges with specific exercises, mindset shifting conversations, and a coach-client relationship with immense trust, proved to be an even greater gift of coaching than I could’ve hoped for.

Thank you Joe.” -John B



Are you looking for a dynamic speaker to motivate, entertain, and educate your audience at your next event? Joe Moffett is a professional speaker, best-selling co-author, and top coach with hundreds of hours of in front of the room. He is able to move all types of audiences in a variety of topics. His stories and examples evoke a deep emotional connection with your audience.

Speaking Details

Joe Moffett is a professional speaker, author and coach with hundreds of hours in front of room experience in moving all types of audiences in a variety of topics.  His stories and examples evoke a deep emotional connection with your audience.

Joe energy and enthusiasm are contagious with audiences from all over the world.

*Speaking engagements are based on availability and fulfilled on a first come first served basis.